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But the Swiss photographer's vision had none of the typological imperative we find here. It presented a severe scrutiny of s America, but one that relied upon the convention of narrative.

A cartographic abstraction of Manhattan provides clues to rather marginal sites and to the ubiquity of urban elements.

Beyond this, there is no text. Whether we understand this body of work as a "primer on the city" or an "artist's project" depends on how we read the book.

The accumulation of seemingly disparate observations, thematic chapters and meandering structure can be seen as a provisional way of understanding the chaos of urban life.

And then there are glimpses of other cities, of San Francisco, Venice and beyond. The book is more than it appears at first glance.

In locations in and around Rome, photographer Florian Böhm worked together with Paolo Bonfini to recreate typical scenes from everyday life.

In a series of short films — which are shown either as video clips or as stills in a new Vitra Home Catalogue — furniture and objects are part of an ensemble cast, enacting exceptional moments and everyday situations.

When reality turns into fragments of fiction, a full range of imaginations and memories drop into one's mind.

Instead of documenting the real every day life the German photographer and artist suggested the Swiss manufacturer a new way to communicate and switched from reality to fiction.

He integrated furniture in single scenes that were recorded by video and photo camera. Together with a professional film crew, the narrative sequences were produced at six different locations in Rome and Munich.

The result of the demanding logistic is far away from classical product photography and opens up a new perspective to its readers: It seduces them to immerse into story fragments and familiar situations.

Sandra Hofmeister. With texts by: H. The origins of the Commedia dell'Arte go back to 16th-century Italian street theatre.

An impromptu form of comedy, it developed as a reaction to elitist character drama and the opera, and often satirised current political and social events.

Taking Nymphenburg's seminal Couture Edition project that brought together fine porcelain and haute couture as its starting point, the Collector's Book examines the Commedia dell'Arte as a whole and its extraordinary impact, right up to the present day, on fields as diverse as literature, the circus, painting, fashion, theatre, cinema and advertising.

Florian Böhm, compiled over images, from paintings and prints to film stills and ads, and commissioned texts from a select group of authors who have approached the subject from a variety of angles and so set new focal points for the perception of the project.

His associative visual response to the Commedia dell'Arte, juxtaposing images from a wide range of sources, brings together the past and the present, tradition and the avant-garde — with everything in flux, this kaleidoscopic array of visual material gives this celebration of the Nymphenburg's Couture Edition an almost cinematic dimension.

At the beginning of a new millennium, two fundamentally different media which, in an age dominated by mass production and standardisation, are united by an uncompromising commitment to quality and uniqueness.

The book's many themes are richly illustrated with prints, paintings, drawings, photographs and advertisements by numerous artists and photographers, including Picasso, Antoine Watteau, William Hogarth, August Macke, Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle and Johannes Kahrs.

Florian Böhm visited the participating fashion designers in their studios around the world, creating glimpses into an otherwise hidden world in two series of photographs — designers' portraits and studio stills of their workplaces.

The Collector's Book is available in three special editions:. Limited to numbered copies, including: Book 35 x 24 cm, Pages, Illustr.

Designing a book about Konstantin Grcic has caused me to reflect not only on his work, but also on the time that I've known him, which goes back almost to the period of his early projects shown here.

An overview of this period reveals a relationship between the evolution of his work and his personal development, a world with its own inherent logic and contradictions, subject to a dynamic set of external forces.

While working on the book, the idea of a shared journey began to emerge — a journey that would be treated as a design project. Thus, this publication became an interesting reflection on the represented and its representation, a project about projects, a process looking at a process, design focusing on design.

We didn't think the projects needed to be complete, nor in chronological sequence in order to tell a coherent story. My role as editor was to comment and reflect on the work of KGID as a critical external filter.

The challenge was to find a way to portray the spirit and commitment that has created KGID's particular signature. It was a search for the why and how rather than the what and when that could authentically capture the aura of the creative process, the office as a laboratory, the simultaneity and alliance of projects, as well as Grcic's particular brand of efficiency and pragmatism, which also allows for quirkiness and humour.

A cardboard prototype can tell more about the true identity of a design than a studio photograph of the final product.

A drawing can show something of the momentum with which design ideas are born. A picture of a product detached from its usual context can reveal the beauty or originality of the object.

Snapshots of meetings and working sessions in the studio and of different stages of the production bear witness to the design process and its transformations in time.

As another way of examining the work of KGID, I produced new series of photographs as a personal interpretation, trying to challenge common perceptions by capturing products outside of their traditional context.

Sometimes the form of the object motivated the image, at other times it was the idea of the design.

For example, I imagined the Authentics baskets as water lilies on the surface of a remote pond. These images are not only surprising, but they also reveal something extra about the nature and material of the objects plastic floats, it is weatherproof, it can get dirty, etc.

Moreover, the reflection on the water plays with their specific silhouette, while the daylight reveals the translucency of the material.

The setting of these images is strange yet familiar, reminding us of the multitude of plastic objects that are dumped in nature and of the half-life and relative value of plastic industrial products.

Being given complete access to the office's archive was a privilege — such wealth of material usually remains the secret of a design office.

Selecting and reviewing this archive was an intense process from which solutions for structure and format needed to evolve.

Step by step, individual sections of the book were considered and their content defined. What started out as an open idea with seemingly endless options became a system with its own logic.

I liked the concept of a high density of material that was not, however, overwhelming or imprecise. We turned the floor of my studio into a giant layout pasteboard — a canvas of ideas — on which we spread out hundreds of print-outs, shuffling around pages and ideas.

Once the first few pieces of our jigsaw puzzle had been put into place, they triggered a chain-reaction of consecutive decisions that created the right flow for the book.

Now, not a single page could be moved anywhere else in the book. The alternation between archive materials and new image production gives the book its particular rhythm.

In the end the projects tell a continuous story, which is recounted here in a single chapter. Florian Böhm, 2-Hands water lilies, KGID Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design , showcases a remarkable portfolio of products and design concepts with especially commissioned photographs and original drawings.

It also offers a rare insight into his design process by showing the various stages of a product's development through sketches, models, computer renderings and snapshots at the workshops of KGID and several manufacturers.

With texts by Konstantin Grcic, Pierre Doze, and Francesca Picchi, and conceived by Florian Böhm and Konstantin Grcic, this is the first publication on one of the most interesting and prolific designers of the 21st century.

A conversation between Konstantin Grcic and Florian Böhm. What he had in mind was not purely a sales tool but rather something that would bring out the product's spirit and particular gesture, telling a whole story.

You immediately came to my mind as perfect for such a project. Together we had often discussed about the issue of product photography and how there must be ways of creating new visual languages.

Instead it seemed more intriguing to find a dynamic scenario for the photography in which the object is exposed to constantly changing parameters.

Working outdoors in a real life situation also gives the photographs a documentary quality; they become less static or fabricated.

Taking MIURA into the street also helped to avoid any reference to a specific lifestyle or functional environment. The unusual approach worked fine for such an unusual product.

What do you like about the stool? FB: I was fascinated by the stools sculptural and angular presence that reminded me of a character or animal.

One of the first pictures that came to my mind was an image of a large group of white Maura's on a green field of grass, like a herd of sheep.

I liked the idea of showing the stool in groups of 20 or more in various arrangements and locations and to bring them alive as their own specie.

I can't imagine a better piece of furniture to do this with. MIURA has so much of a personality.

I can see a head, mouth and feet making me think of a fusion of a shark and a sheep. KG: Since years you partially live and work in New York.

Also they had seen the photos I take in New York of accidental and improvised solutions of every day life.

KG: What was your approach for the images and how feasible was it to do? FB: It was very challenging having to come up with a series of images of one and the same object.

I questioned how a series of photos could remain interesting if the motive was always the same. Besides this, what I don't like about most product still life images is that they can be reproduced over again any time.

Also you become more of a stylist than a photographer. I thought for the project it would be more interesting if there was the element of chance and time involved, with something unexpected happening, like in a real snapshot.

KG: Looking at your images everything seems to be totally real. Your camera is the detective's eye following the stool around the city.

One senses the feverish chase through crowds of people, traffic. There are the sounds and smells, the heat, the stress - like a cop movie.

FB: I thought of test arrangements like for example bringing dozens of stools to a street corner then hide with my camera to see what would happen when people walk by.

I was curious about their reaction to this somewhat awkward situation - it became kind of like a laboratory experiment.

As we were wandering around the city with the stools looking for opportunity, the project started to become a hunt for surprise and lucky coincidences in which the stools react or provoke reaction by surrounding and pedestrians.

The people, cars, all those rich textures of the urban landscape provided endless scenarios the stool could either assimilate to or contrast with.

In a lot of the occasions I was able to highlight a certain aspect or feature of the stool. You can sit on it, stand on it, carry it, create a barrier or a slalom parcours The first project explores the ambiguous relation that links art and design and fashion design today and tries to blur the boundaries between those contexts, analyzing the process of creating objects from images and images from objects In this case fashion related topics reproduced on silk.

This ambiguous relation is, in fact, changing the idea of the art object, which quit to be merely a contemplative object, something to look at, and yes of course able to provoke an interaction with the audience, and which became a functioning object.

The images generally question, in a very individual and diverse way, different topics related to fashion, fashion industry and business, fabric, behavior, addiction and identity in terms of the economical, social, historical, local, global argumentations and reflections that can derive from investigating this particular context.

Reproduced on large pieces of pure silk the images are published periodically and limited in run. Das geliehene Geld habe Böhm in ein Filmprojekt investiert, das ein Verlustgeschäft gewesen sei.

Neben einem strafrechtlichen Verfahren wegen Betrugs gibt es bereits zwei Vollstreckungstitel aus zivilrechtlichen Verfahren gegen Florian Böhm.

Wie aus Unterlagen, die Gala. Mit ihr sei er zwischen September und August - "also ein gutes Jahr" - zusammen gewesen. Man habe sich die Ausgaben des gemeinsamen Lebens in München "50 zu 50" geteilt.

Nun verlange sie aber, dass er ihre Rechnungen begleiche. Seine Exfreundin leide an einer Schilddrüsenüberfunktion, "die ist sehr aufbrausend, wissen Sie?

Er halte ihre Forderungen für "Erpressung" und fühle sich ihr gegenüber in keinster Weise zu Unterhalt verpflichtet.

Florian Böhm, der von bis die Rolle des "Mike Dreschke" in der Telenovela " Sturm der Liebe " spielte, wohnt derzeit im österreichischen Innsbruck.

Mai - "ausgerechnet an Christi Himmelfahrt, hat meine Mutter gesagt" - im Alter von 86 Jahren verstorben war.

Der Jährige verriet Gala.

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