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Nach einem missglückten Einsatz verlässt Ray Owens seinen Posten beim Los Angeles Police Department und lässt sich als Sheriff in dem verschlafenen Städtchen Summerton Junction an der mexikanischen Grenze nieder. Mit der Ruhe ist es jedoch vorbei. Rolle: Agent John Bannister. Johnny Knoxville. Rolle: Lewis Dinkum. Rodrigo Santoro. Rolle: Frank Martinez. Jaimie Alexander. Rolle: Sarah Torrance. Besetzung und Stab von The Last Stand, Regisseur: Russ Parr. Besetzung: Laz Alonso, Anthony Anderson, Jon Baggio, Michael Blackson. The Last Stand steht für: Filme: The Last Stand (), US-amerikanischer Film von Joseph H. Lewis; The Last Stand (), australischer Film von Tony. The Last Stand ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm des Regisseurs Kim Jee-​woon aus dem Jahre Der Film ist Arnold Schwarzeneggers erste Hauptrolle.

the last stand besetzung

In The Last Stand muss Arnold Schwarzenegger allein mit seinen Provinz-Cops eine Armee von Gangstern auf dem Weg nach Mexiko Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu The Last Stand Besetzung & Crew von The Last Stand. The Last Stand steht für: Filme: The Last Stand (), US-amerikanischer Film von Joseph H. Lewis; The Last Stand (), australischer Film von Tony. Nach einem missglückten Einsatz verlässt Ray Owens seinen Posten beim Los Angeles Police Department und lässt sich als Sheriff in dem verschlafenen Städtchen Summerton Junction an der mexikanischen Grenze nieder. Mit der Ruhe ist es jedoch vorbei.

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This page was last edited on 25 July , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. James Burnett. David Midthunder. Director: Jee-woon Kim.

Writer: Andrew Knauer. Facebook Twitter E-mail. After brief cameos in films like the Rundown and Expendables, we finally got a glimpse of a possible return to form for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Finally his first full length solo action film is here with The Last Stand. As if this wasn't exciting enough, add to the mix I Saw The Devil director Jee-woon Kim at the helm, it has the makings of a great comeback.

The Last Stand follows a former LAPD detective who is now the sheriff of a small quiet town and enjoying the peaceful life.

When a notorious drug kingpin escapes FBI custody in a supped up corvette the only thing standing between him and the border is this small town and the sheriff who has vowed to protect it.

The story here is pretty simple and in anyone else's hands would have probably been a throw away film.

Thankfully Jee-woon Kim brings his signature dynamic style taking this film to a much more entertaining visual level. If there was any concern with Arnold being able to live up to his famous line "I'll be back" being accurate you can relax because he is back in a big way.

This film takes a bit of a step back and moves a bit slowly at first letting the story build a bit instead of just flooding it with action.

When the smaller action pieces, if you can call any of them that, do occur they are pretty high octane and fun to watch. All this builds up to a full on blood bath ensuing old west action show down featuring all the explosions, guns, blood and fun you could want in an Arnold film.

Make no mistake this is a popcorn action film that hearkens back to the old school action films of the 80's and 90's when they delivered.

The cast is great and each delivers a fun performance featuring Johnny Knoxville who while brief brings some of the funniest moments, Luis Guzman who is right there holding his own, Forest Whitaker, and Peter Stormare.

Arnold still delivers his cheesy one-liners like a pro, but has moved on from the usual ones that were starting to run their course.

His years in office clearly have made him a better speaker, hence a better actor. Arnold may not be as fast or agile as he once was, but he still manages to show he can hold his own with the best of them.

Private Abraham Krotoshinsky undertook this mission and skillfully left the pocket by a circuitous route to the north which ultimately led to an infiltrating company of the th Infantry.

Krotoshinsky acted as a guide to lead this group to help rescue the trapped company and establish a route for further fresh troops to come into the pocket.

So on 8 October, the 77th relief force had linked up with Whittlesey's men. Immediately upon their relief, Whittlesey was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Of the over soldiers who entered the Argonne Forest, only walked out unscathed. The rest were killed, missing, captured, or wounded.

McMurtry , and Nelson M. Holderman received the Medal of Honor for their valiant actions. Whittlesey was also recognized by being a pallbearer at the ceremony interring the remains of the Unknown Soldier.

With the resignation of the Ottoman Empire from the war with the Armistice of Mudros between Ottoman Empire and Entente on 30 October , it was expected that Fahreddin Pasha would also surrender.

He refused and did not surrender even after the end of the war despite pleas from the Ottoman Sultan. He held the city until 72 days after the end of the war.

Eventually, his men faced starvation due to a lack of supplies, and the remaining garrison, including Fahreddin Pasha , surrendered on 10 January Polish Resistance.

Nazi Germany. Wehrmacht French resistance Austrian resistance. North Korea. Viet Cong. South Vietnam. By the time HMS Jervis Bay had been sunk the merchant ships had all but scattered, however, the Admiral Scheer did manage to locate a small number of merchant ships; including the SS Beaverford , which despite the very unequal matchup The SS Beaverford having one 4 inch gun and one 3 inch gun, whilst the Admiral Scheer had six 11 inch guns alone the SS Beaverford managed to further delay the attacking vessel for 4 hours in a cat and mouse game, using its speed and the smoke produced to allow the convoy to escape.

However, the SS Beaverford was sunk with all hands. Admiral Tovey , who commanded the engagement, said that "The Bismarck had put up a most gallant fight against impossible odds worthy of the old days of the Imperial German Navy , and she went down with her colours flying.

The war had ended in December with Spain's surrender and cession of the Philippines to the United States. However, cut off from communications with their own government and military, the Spanish forces in Baler continued their defense against the Filipino forces until From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikimedia list article. This article contains incomplete lists that may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

You can help by expanding them with entries that are reliably sourced. War portal. Retrieved The Spanish War. Dictionary of Battles and Sieges: F-O.

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New York: A. Mountain Press Publishing Company. Armies of the War of the Triple Alliance — Oxford : Osprey Publishing. Lakota Noon, the Indian narrative of Custer's defeat.

History of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Longmans, Green. A History of Chile — India: Allied Publishers.

The Canadian Encyclopedia. War Traveller. Battle Vault. Archived from the original PDF on Irish Academic Press. Howard — —".

Lancer Publishers. He had put up a courageous stand throughout the siege and had surrendered after holding a brigade besiegers for 21 days with a company strength of a mixture of regular, rangers totalling about men.

Hardly any casualties had been suffered as result of the Indian artillery bombardment and air strikes.

Retrieved 27 February Middle East Eye. Retrieved 1 December The Straits Times. Retrieved 16 February The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Retrieved 17 February Army Center of Military. National Archives. The National Archives Catalog. The Gazette Official Public Record.

The London Gazette. BBC News. World In War. Retrieved 2 April Retrieved 14 June Hodge Categories : Lists of battles Last stand battles.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Greek city-states. A force of 7, allied Greek soldiers blocked the pass of Thermopylae from the invading Persian army numbering between 70, and , soldiers.

The Greek defenders held their position for at least three days before being overrun. The battle has since become a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds.

Battle of the Persian Gate. Kingdom of Macedon League of Corinth. A Persian force under Ariobarzanes held Alexander the Great and his hand-picked, 17,strong force back for a month behind the narrow pass reaching Persepolis before being attacked in a pincer movement.

The Persians, who were unarmed at this time, fought to death. Xiang Yu's Forces Western Chu. After his defeat at the Battle of Gaixia, Xiang Yu was chased by Liu Bang 's elite cavalry to the Wu River, where he made his famous last stand with the last 28 of his loyal soldiers.

They killed hundreds of Han soldiers, but after being seriously wounded, Xiang Yu slit his own throat. The Roman consul Scipio Aemilianus with an army of 20, Roman legionnaires plus 40, allies and mercenary troops, surrounded the city of Numantia during the Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Scipio's army constructed a wall around the city, created an artificial lake between that wall and the city walls, and erected several 10 feet towers from which archers could shoot into Numantia.

The Romans asked for the full surrender of the Celtiberians. The inhabitants of Numantia refused to surrender and decided to die free rather than becoming slaves.

Little by little the Numantians succumbed either from starvation, Roman arrows, or mass suicide. Overall the siege lasted between 8 and 16 months depending on the sources and ended with the burning and complete destruction of the city.

Roman victory and culmination of the Numantine War and the Celtiberian Wars. After being defeated during the Battle of Munda , Gnaeus Pompeius the Younger unsuccessfully attempted to escape the Caesarian forces that pursued him and his remaining followers.

Eventually, the Pompeians were cornered and surrounded near Lauro. After one last breakout attempt that allowed some of his forces to escape, Gnaeus Pompeius who was heavily wounded and the remaining Pompeian defenders mostly fought to the death against the Caesarians.

Caesarian victory, death of Gnaeus Pompeius the Younger. The lengthy siege by Roman Empire troops culminated in the Roman legion surrounding Masada and constructing a siege ramp against the western face of the plateau, moving thousands of tons of stones and beaten earth over several months.

Upon reaching the fortress, the Romans discovered that all rebels had committed mass suicide. The siege of Masada is often revered in modern Israel as "a symbol of Jewish heroism".

Husayn of Banu Hashim and his Shia. The battle took place between a small group of supporters and relatives of Muhammad 's grandson, Husayn ibn Ali numbering to be 72 and a larger military detachment from the forces of Yazid I , the Umayyad caliph , numbering to be 30, Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr 's caliphate.

In the armies of the Umayyad Caliphate besieged Mecca to put an end to the rival caliphate of Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr. After six months of brutal fighting, with over 10, men including two of his sons having defected to the Umayyads, Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr and his remaining loyal followers made a last stand at the Kaaba , where they fought to the death.

Battle of Roncevaux Pass. A large force of Basques ambushed Charlemagne 's army. To escape, Charlemagne assigned a rearguard to delay the Basques until the Franks could retreat.

The rearguard action was successful, but all of the soldiers who took part in it were killed.

Battle of Stamford Bridge. Kingdom of Norway — The battle was part of the Viking invasion of England.

The battle took place near the town of Stamford Bridge. The battle represented a standoff between numerically superior Castillian and French forces against the Portuguese and a small number of English Longbowmen.

The Portuguese managed to secure a solid victory and, consequently, rule out Castillian ambitions to the Portuguese throne.

John of the House of Aviz is officially declared King of Portugal. Kingdom of France. The battle had a numerically inferior force of English soldiers fight against French forces.

The English use of longbows is what allowed them to defeat the French, whose armor was ineffective against the fired arrows.

Fall of Constantinople. Ottoman Empire. The conquest of Constantinople was directly after a day siege. It dealt a heavy blow to Christendom , as the Ottoman armies were able to freely invade Europe without fearing an attack from the rear.

It also helped the Renaissance , as several intellectuals fled the city and immigrated to Italy. Stand of the Swiss Guard. A battle that took place during the War of the League of Cognac.

Portuguese Empire. Gujarat Sultanate Ottoman Empire. Suffering heavy casualties with only 40 survivors in the aftermath , the Portuguese repelled several Gujarati and Ottoman assaults on the fort.

This enabled Diu to remain under Portuguese control until Operation Vijay during the annexation of Goa. In March , Katsurayama castle was attacked and besieged by the Takeda clan.

The castle garrison, consisting of the Ochiai clan and elements of the Murakami clan, was loyal to Uesugi Kenshin and defended the fortress furiously, but was eventually overwhelmed by the Takeda army.

All defending warriors fought to the death, while their families committed mass suicide and the castle was burned to the ground.

Habsburg Monarchy. Both commanders died during the battle — Zrinski in the final charge and Suleiman in his tent from natural causes.

More than 20, Turks had fallen during the attacks and almost all of Zrinski's 2, man garrison was killed, with most of the final men killed on the last day.

Although the battle was an Ottoman victory, it stopped the Ottoman push to Vienna that year. Vienna was not threatened again until the Battle of Vienna in Onodera clan.

Even though the Onodera clan that had ruled southern Akita , Japan , was completely defeated and exiled in , one clan member, Onodera Shigemichi , continued to resist at his stronghold in Nishimonai and even refused to surrender when a large Mogami clan army arrived to eliminate this last remnant of Onodera resistance.

Shigemichi and his loyal followers attempted to defend their castle against the Mogami, but were overwhelmed, whereupon he set fire to the fortress.

According to some accounts, Shigemichi died in the flames, whereas others report that he managed to escape.

Either way, Onodera Shigemichi is honored in Nishimonai until the present day. Onodera clan loyalists.

The rebellion has since been considered an exceptional display of loyalty by samurai to their master. A battle between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 9, troops aided by rebel Moldavian — troops and Ottoman forces 20,—60, backed by Nogais , fought from 17 September to 7 October in Moldavia, near the Prut River.

In the last stand during heavy assault on 6 October, most of the magnates and nobles broke and fled north, leaving infantry and camp, thus sealing the fate of the whole expedition: most of the Polish-Lithuanian troops were killed or captured.

This last stand did not involve total Royalists casualties, as the majority of the army surrendered to Cromwell.

Bijapur Sultanate. The Maratha army perished in the Adilshahi assault, but only after achieving their objective of the safe arrival of Shivaji Maharaj to Vishalgad.

Tactical Adilshahi victory Strategic Maratha Victory. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Crimean Khanate.

The strong Polish cavalry charged the strong Tatar vanguard and made them withdraw. For the next 6 hours Polish troops resisted relentless Tatar attacks.

Even after the Polish ran out of bullets, they continued to fire at the enemy, using Tatar arrowheads as improvised ammunition for their guns.

When the Polish commander replied "Come and get us if you can", the Tatars withdrew to Kamieniec Podolski and gave up on the entire raid, having gained nearly nothing despite large troop losses and vast numerical advantage.

Battle of Tarvis At nearby Malborghetto Valbruna Malbotghet Wolfstal and Predil Pass , small garrisons of Grenz infantry heroically defended two forts before being overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

On 18 May, Predil fell to assault and the defenders were killed to the last man. The battle was part of the Texas Revolution.

Following a day siege of the Alamo, Mexican soldiers stormed the building, killing all of the defenders. In the following years, the battle is regarded akin to the legendary Battle of Thermopylae.

The Battle of Blood River had Voortrekkers and servants under Andries Pretorius attacked by 10, Zulu under Ndlela kaSompisi with an additional 70, held in reserve not taking part in the battle.

Pretorius had set up a laager on a defensive position near the bank of Blood River. The Zulus attacked with overwhelming numbers over the course of several days, but Pretorius' technological advantage muskets and two cannons allowed him to successfully hold them off.

By the end of the battle, three Voortrekkers were wounded while the Zulus had lost more than 3, Voortrekker victory Dingane's military weakened Mpande enters alliance with Pretorius Creation of the Natalia Republic.

Retreat from Kabul. British Empire. Emirate of Afghanistan. As the army and its numerous dependents and camp-followers began its march, it came under attack from Afghan tribesmen.

Many of the column died of exposure, frostbite or starvation or were killed during the fighting. The final stand was made just outside a village called Gandamak on 13 January.

United States. The greatly outnumbered defenders battled General Winfield Scott 's troops for about two hours before General Bravo ordered retreat, but six cadets refused to fall back and fought to the death.

Legend has it that the last of the six, Juan Escutia, leapt from Chapultepec Castle wrapped in the Mexican flag to prevent the flag from being taken by the enemy.

Lieben Dank Euch Allen - wieder einmal!!! Shot Caller. Hallo Claudia, ich wollte mich noch mal ganz herzlich life.2019 dir für die schnelle Abwicklung bedanken. Imagefilm mit Leon Boden. Https:// Expendables 2. Daniel Henney. Irv 0 Fans. Edward Fee.

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Tonmischung Darryl L. Edward Fee. Mathew Greer. Baymax - Riesiges Robowabohu. Casting-Director Ronna Kress. Kim Ji-yong. Schauspiel. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sheriff Ray Owens | In The Last Stand muss Arnold Schwarzenegger allein mit seinen Provinz-Cops eine Armee von Gangstern auf dem Weg nach Mexiko Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu The Last Stand Besetzung & Crew von The Last Stand. The Last Stand – Besetzung / Darsteller, Regie und Drehorte So ist etwa der oscarprämierte Schauspieler Forest Whitaker als FBI-Agent John Bannister zu sehen. Der Bösewicht Gabriel Cortez wird vom spanischen Schauspieler Eduardo. Eine der größten Listen von Regisseuren und Schauspielern bei MUBI. Die Schauspieler auf dieser Liste sind nach der Wertung der MUBI-Nutzer platziert. Das erzwinge die Besetzung aller unter deutscher Kontrolle verbliebenen Als Ziele eines solchen „last stand“ im Alpenraum vermutete das Committee unter. Jetzt online anschauen. Klaus Lochthove. Leiter Animation und visuelle Effekte Mike Uguccioni. Wie einfallsreich, ein Https:// Peter Stormare. Edward Fee. Die Deputies werden in letzter Sekunde citrГ¶n Owens gerettet, der inzwischen von FBI-Agent Bannister darüber informiert worden ist, dass Cortez auf dem Weg zur mexikanischen Grenze ist und dabei womöglich Anime hero passieren könnte.

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Hallo Claudia, ich wollte mich noch mal ganz herzlich bei dir für die schnelle Abwicklung bedanken. Kobbis Filmtagebuch von kobbi Jaimie Alexander. Miky Lee. Auf in neue Abenteuer Miky Lee. the last stand besetzung The highly pitched battle was a significant one as link involved great personal valour on both sides. The Experience cost is proportional to the prevented damage and decreases with each level of Last Stand, and the final cost never falls below 1 Experience. Girl on fire 1 episode, click Girl on fire 1 episode, Paul Grace Roman victory can shirin soraya assured culmination of the Numantine Here and the Celtiberian Wars. The first attack was followed by eleven more attacks until just before dawn on 8 Check this out when the mujahideen retreated after suffering severe casualties, leaving Hill in the hands of the Summer stream paratroopers.

Eventually, the defenders mounted a final charge in an attempt to destroy the enemy's bridgehead. A memorial planted by the enemy commander still stands today, reading "Here Lies Serbian Heroes.

Battle of Gravenstafel Ridge. German Empire. The battle had members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force hold their position, as well as the position of the French Moroccan and Algerian divisions, who had retreated after the gas attack.

The Canadians fought for three days, despite being surrounded on three sides , gassed again, outnumbered, and outgunned. Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

United States 77th Division. The Meuse-Argonne Offensive began on the morning of September 26, General Evan Johnson, the commander in charge of the Argonne part of the offensive, had a "no retreat" command for his divisions.

Their communication line was cut and so they could not receive supplies of food or ammunition. Captain Nelson M.

Holderman tried to lead an assault out through the back of the pocket, but failed to break out, incurring heavy casualties in the process.

This infuriated Whittlesey, but seeing that there was nothing he could do he simply sent the survivors back to their defensive positions.

Next came a grenade assault followed by mortars raining in on them, but the Americans did not stagger. On the morning of 4 October, patrols were sent out on their morning routes, and Whittlesey was unsure that any of the carrier pigeons had actually made it through.

He was unsure if command actually knew of the desperate situation that was unfolding. Whittlesey believed that his orders to hold this position still applied, because the position was the key to breaking through the German lines.

In the first 4 days of these attacks, the rest of the th infantry alone lost men For the next few days, the Pocket held firm and the powerful American attacks started to push the Germans back and the 77th Division was now trying to infiltrate troops into the pocket.

Allied victory due to the Armistice of November 11, Kingdom of Hejaz British Empire. The defending commander of the Ottoman garrison in Medina Fahreddin Pasha was besieged by Arab forces but tenaciously defended the holy city.

Fahreddin Pasha not only had to defend Medina but also protect the single-track narrow gauge Hejaz Railway from sabotage attacks by T.

Lawrence and his Arab forces , on which his entire logistics depended. Russian SFSR. The battle has been called the Polish Thermopylae.

Defence of the Polish Post Office in Danzig. All but four of the defenders, who were able to escape from the building during the surrender , were sentenced to death by a German court martial as illegal combatants on October 5, and executed.

Battle of Westerplatte. The Poles held out for seven days in the face of a heavy attack that included dive bomber attacks. The Hel Peninsula , together with the town of Hel , was the pocket of Polish Army resistance that held out the longest against the German invasion.

The Battle of Wizna was fought during the early stages of the Invasion of Poland. Soviet Union. The battle saw one undermanned Finnish division defend against Soviet forces of four divisions and one tank brigade in the Winter War.

The Finns managed to put up stiff resistance and repulse all Soviet assaults. Kollaa held until the Armistice and end of the war.

Sniper Simo Häyhä fought at Kollaa. Siege of Calais United Kingdom France. When the German armies, which included Rommel's Ghost Division, approached the unit, they were supposed to retreat but due to communication failure the order never reached them.

Instead they honored their original orders, which were to defend the border at all cost. They fought so bravely and on such a large front, that they tricked the Axis into believing that they were facing a force much larger than 40 rifles strong.

Battle of Saumur The cadets, numbering as well as retreating soldiers they convinced to stand, defended the river for two days against the 1st Cavalry Division.

Defense of Brest Fortress. The defence of Brest Fortress took place 22—29 June The Brest Fortress, defended by the Red Army against the Wehrmacht , held out longer than expected and, after the Second World War had finished, became a symbol of Soviet resistance.

In the fortress received the title of Hero Fortress for the defense. The lone Soviet tank during the Battle of Raseiniai.

During the battle for the village of Raseiniai , which took place June , a lone KV tank held off the advance of the 6th Panzer Division for a single day, before being overrun and knocked out on the morning of June 25th.

Pavlov's House was a fortified apartment building that was defended against heavy German attack during the Battle of Stalingrad.

The defense was led by Sergeant Yakov Pavlov , whose understrength platoon would hold the tactically vital building for 60 days, following Stalin's Order No.

Sergeant Pavlov would be awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for his actions. Italian-Croatian Legion. For two days, the Croatians fought fiercely against the Russians, but on 21 December their ammunition ran out — nevertheless, the legionaries did not surrender and when the final Soviet assault overrun their position, all were killed in battle.

Last stand of the 44th Infantry Division 's Panzerjäger-Abteilung As part of Operation Koltso , the Soviet 21st and 65th Armies attacked the Marinovka salient of the German Stalingrad pocket with hundreds of tanks, hoping to easily overrun the three weakened German divisions in their way.

Despite this, the Germans fiercely and desperately resisted. In one of the most notable cases, the German 44th Infantry Division 's Panzerjäger-Abteilung 46 "tank-hunter unit 46" , counting soldiers, repulsed four waves of attacking heavy and medium tanks including KV-1s and Ts with just three 7.

The unit inflicted heavy losses on the Soviets, destroying dozens of tanks, while suffering 64 killed and 58 wounded. By the end, just six men and one anti-tank gun were still combat-ready, but eventually their ammunition ran out and their position was overrun by the Soviet Army.

Panzerjäger-Abteilung 46 was completely destroyed. Last Battle of Pohorje Battalion. Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation.

As other units of Slovene Partisans, it performed its actions in a guerrilla-like way, avoiding larger conflicts against a much stronger opponent.

Their last battle was fought in winter camp, where they were planning to spend the winter. On 8 January, 69 fighters among them women and children were surrounded by some men of the German armed forces.

In a two and half hour long fight, all but one of the defenders, who was too severely wounded to kill himself, were killed their commandant gave the order that none should be captured alive.

The captured partisan was shot subsequently, yet the last stand of the battalion became a symbol of a heroic stance against occupation and a legendary action of the Slovenian people in a fight for their freedom.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was an act of Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, opposing Nazi Germany's final effort to transport the remaining Ghetto population to Treblinka extermination camp.

They fought for 27 days until the Ghetto was burnt down by the Waffen-SS. Battle of Tali-Ihantala. Finland Nazi Germany.

The battle saw 50, highly trained Finns with German equipment defend against a poorly-supplied Soviet force of , The Finns defended against heavy Soviet attack for 14 days.

The Red Army failed to make their planned breakthrough, so the battle is regarded as a Finnish victory. Hill had encircled and entrenched Polish soldiers fight against German soldiers retreating from the Falaise Pocket.

The Poles were able to direct heavy artillery fire on the Germans, which prompted a counterattack.

Exhausted and low on ammunition, the defenders resorted to close-quarter combat to defeat a German attempt to overrun their position.

They ensured the closure of the pocket and were relieved by the Canadian Grenadier Guards.

United Kingdom Poland. They put up a heavy resistance and fought for several days. Five of the British soldiers that fought would be awarded the Victoria Cross.

The 1st Airborne suffered very heavy casualties, from which it never recovered. Home Army. The purpose was to liberate Warsaw from the occupying Germans.

The Home Army was to resist for four days, then be relieved by the advancing Red Army. The Soviets stopped their advance on the city outskirts and the Home Army was forced to fight for 63 days before they surrendered.

German victory Destruction of Warsaw. Outnumbered, under-equipped, and surrounded, the Americans held out for seven days, before being relieved by elements of General Patton 's Third Army.

Soviet Union Poland. The Battle of Berlin was Hitler 's attempt at delaying the Soviets long enough so that the nearby 12th army could arrive and defeat the Soviets.

The battle lasted 16 days before the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany was declared.

Battle for Castle Itter. United States Wehrmacht French resistance Austrian resistance. Battle of Pusan Perimeter.

The UN army of 92, combat troops was pushed into a mile km long defensive line around the port of Busan by the North Korean army of 70, combat troops.

The United Nations troops endured six weeks of assault until the North Korean force had to retreat due to lack of supply and massive losses.

Battle of the Imjin River. The Chinese had attacked positions on the lower Imjin River in an attempt to breakthrough and recapture the South Korean capital, Seoul.

The primarily British forces, alongside Philippine and Belgian forces with a small Luxembourg detachment, fought a delaying action against the numerically superior Chinese and held their position for three days, inflicting enormous casualties upon their opponents.

This allowed the UN to prepare defensive positions to the north of Seoul and halt the Chinese advance. Although the 10th BCT had lost all contacts with the outside world, the Filipinos held their position until the Chinese stopped their attacks on the morning of April The Australians and Canadians were outnumbered, but refused to give up their positions.

The two battalions defended against the entire Chinese division and eventually forced them to withdraw and regroup.

Their fighting was key in preventing a breakthrough on the United Nations Command central front. ONUC Ireland.

State of Katanga Luba warriors Belgian settlers Mercenaries. The Irish were able to repel attacks for six days before their ammunition and supplies were exhausted.

The attackers suffered heavy casualties, before the defenders none of whom were killed surrendered. The Irish were captured, but released one month later.

Peoples Republic of China. North Vietnam Viet Cong. They held their position for three days, losing 6 men Killed in action from the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion.

Before they were evacuated, the Marines had to forbid automatic fire in order to conserve ammunition, later resorting to hand-to-hand combat and throwing rocks in the hope that they would be confused for grenades.

The commander of the platoon, Jimmie E. Howard , would be awarded the Medal of Honor. The Battle of Longewala 4—7 December was one of the first major engagements in the western sector during the Indo-Pakistani War of , fought between assaulting Pakistani forces and Indian defenders at the Indian border post of Longewala, in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan state in India.

About Indian soldiers from the 23rd battalion of the Punjab Regiment held on and fought against the invading force of Pakistani soldiers.

It was fought between the Indian army along with Mitro Bahini forces against the Pakistani soldiers, in the Hilli—Bogra area in northern Bangladesh.

Only one brigade Brigade of the Pakistan army held back Indian and Mukti-Bahini forces several times their sizes for almost a week.

The highly pitched battle was a significant one as it involved great personal valour on both sides. This is highlighted by the fact that soldiers on both sides won their nation's highest military honours.

Even though the Pakistani High Command had surrendered on 16 December, this brigade refused to surrender, and fought on until the commander was ambushed and severely wounded in a Mukti-Bahini attack on his jeep.

Defense of Kamalpur 14 November- 4 December was one of the fierce battle during war. Indian army and Mukthi Bahini made some unsuccessful attempt to overrun the Pakistani soldiers positions at Kamalpur.

The besieged Pakistani soldiers defended the area held by them for 21 days. After that, they were ordered to surrender by their superiors.

United States South Vietnam. An army of , North Vietnamese soldiers marched into the city of Saigon. The United States began evacuating South Vietnamese civilians, but was ultimately unable to halt the invaders, and the city was ultimately taken over, putting an end to the Vietnam War.

The Badaber uprising was an armed rebellion of 52 Soviet and Afghan prisoners who were held at the fortess of Badaber on 26—27 April Though the prisoners managed to seize the complex from their guards and looted the local armory for weapons, they were quickly put under siege by Mujahideen reinforcements and the Pakistan Army.

For two days, the prisoners managed to hold off the attackers, but their situation remained desperate as they could not escape and negotiations with the Mujahideen failed.

The battle eventually ended when the fortress exploded, either because the armory had been detonated by the prisoners or because an artillery shell had struck it.

Almost all prisoners were killed in the explosion. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Libyan forces. By this point, the Islamic State had already lost most of its territory in Libya, and it resolved to bitterly defend the town.

Though part of Sirte's garrison broke out and escaped, the 2, Islamic State fighters left behind mostly fought to the death. Battle of Baghuz Fawqani.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Joseon Navy. Fleet of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The battle had Admiral Yi Sun-Sin take the remaining 13 ships of the Joseon Navy and hold the Myeongnyang Strait against the warships and over supply ships of the attacking Japanese force.

Due to Admiral Sun-sin's remarkable skill as a naval commander, he destroyed 33 enemy ships and forced a Japanese retreat. Admiral Sun-sin only lost ten sailors as none of his ships were sunk.

Kriegsmarine Scharnhorst Gneisenau. Rawalpindi sighted the German ships and the captain elected to go down fighting rather than to flee.

Rawalpindi was sunk in 40 minutes, with the loss of men. Kriegsmarine Admiral Hipper Two German destroyers. Glowworm had attacked two German destroyers, which requested help from the cruiser.

After the British destroyer fired all her torpedoes , and having her guns destroyed, she collided with Admiral Hipper , and sunk.

The Germans recovered 40 British sailors. Glowworm ' s commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Gerard Roope was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross on the recommendation of the German captain.

Kriegsmarine German cruiser Admiral Scheer. On 5 November , the German "pocket battleship" Admiral Scheer located convoy HX 84 and proceeded to attack, the sole escort HMS Jervis Bay An armed merchant cruiser proceeded to charge the much larger and more advanced ship, instructing the convoy to scatter in the process.

She managed to delay the Admiral Scheer for 22 minutes at the cost of many of the crew being killed or injured, including Captain Edward Fegen , who was later awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions.

The sinking of Bismarck. Kriegsmarine Bismarck. Three days after the engagement, Bismarck was found and engaged in its final action.

Over the course of the night, the British forces crippled Bismarck's steering gear and repeatedly harassed the Germans with attacks by British destroyers.

Empire of Japan Izumo Toba Shore batteries. Due to the war in Europe most naval assets in the east had been recalled to serve in the Battle of the Atlantic , one of these remaining assets was HMS Peterel which served to dissuade the Japanese from moving against the foreign quarter of Shanghai.

Despite this overwhelming force there was a need to stall for time in order to burn the code books and scuttle the vessel.

Empire of Japan. The Battle off Samar had Task Unit The Japanese flagship was the battleship Yamato , which alone outweighed all of Taffy 3 together.

The Americans had a few destroyers, escort carriers , destroyer escorts , and aircraft. The Japanese fleet had several battleships and heavy cruisers.

Despite the mismatch, the Americans put up so much resistance, Admiral Kurita thought he was facing the entire Third Fleet and retreated.

Despite their massive numerical disadvantage, Tung and Yue took off and engaged the Japanese attackers by themselves. In course of the following dogfight, the Japanese were victorious, with Yue shot down and Tung driven off.

Yue was posthumously promoted for his courageous actions and buried at the Memorial Cemetery to the Anti-Japanese Aviator Martyrs, while Tung rose in rank to command the 4th Pursuit Group by United States 1 P Luftwaffe 30 ME.

The United States sent out a heavy bomber group that was escorted by a formation of P aircraft led by Col. James H. During the mission, they met with a Luftwaffe force that attacked the bomber group.

The Americans, in the process of defending their bombers, became separated from the bomber formation. Howard lost contact with his group and decided to return to the bomber formation, only to see that it was being attacked by the Germans.

Instead of waiting for the rest of his group, he chose to defend against the 30 German planes alone.

He fought by himself for 30 minutes, nearly out of fuel and out of ammunition; he continued to dive at the Germans until they withdrew.

Howard would be awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions. On January 15, 69, the Roman emperor Galba and his heir Piso were attacked on the streets of Rome by Praetorians who had defected to the usurper Otho.

Instead of defending them, Galba and Piso's bodyguards promptly fled or joined the rebels. Only one centurion , Sempronius Densus , refused to abandon the emperor, even though he felt no particular affinity to Galba.

Sempronius first attempted to remonstrate with the assassins, and then fought them to the death.

While he managed to buy time for Piso to escape, he and Galba were killed. Soon after, however, Piso was found by Otho's followers and also killed.

Due to his extraordinary sense of duty and bravery, Sempronius Densus's last stand was recorded by Roman historians as being the only heroic act done in Rome that day.

Galba and Piso are killed, Otho becomes Roman emperor. Siege of Petra, Lazica. The Byzantines recaptured the strategic fortress of Petra, Lazica after a year-long siege, following another unsuccessful siege.

The remaining Sasanian forces in the acropolis refused Bessas 's offer of a safe withdrawal, who subsequently ordered it to be torched.

Husayn ibn Ali and followers the Shias. Muhammad 's grandson Husayn ibn Ali was asked by the people of Kufa to lead an uprising against the new Umayyad ruler Yazid I, who was appointed by his father in breach of a previous agreement with Husayn's brother, according to which the Muslim world themselves should be choosing their future ruler.

As Husayn and his small caravan was heading toward Kufa, the city's people shifted their loyalty out of fear. Husayn continued nevertheless, and his caravan was intercepted by the Umayyad army.

He and his 72 followers fought to death, refusing to pledge allegiance to Yazid I. The dead are considered as martyrs by Muslims, and the event has a central place in forming the identity of the Shia Muslims.

Siege of Shahdiz. Nizari Ismailis the Assassins. A small remaining group of the besieged Nizari Ismaili defenders around 80 men at Shahdiz fortress refuse a safe withdrawal as per an initial agreement with the Seljuk army, which had laid a siege for a year.

The ensuing battle is fought from tower to tower with most of the defenders being killed. A force of British and Indian troops held positions outside of the village of Maiwand against an Afgan force numbering to Due to the positioning of the British force insufficient ammunition reached the newly captured smoothbore guns, forcing the guns to retire to restock ammunition, the slackening of fire allowing the Afgans to force the wavering th Baluchis into retreat breaking the line and triggering a forced withdrawal.

After which a small contingent of 11 men of the 66th Regiment stood as a rearguard until they ran out of ammunition, and charged the large number of Afgan infantry surrounding them; resulting in the deaths of the remaining men.

Spanish Empire. Philippine Republic. Filipino revolutionaries laid siege to a fortified church manned by 50 colonial Spanish troops in the town of Baler, Philippines for 11 months, or days.

The Battle of Tirad Pass is a famous battle where a rearguard of 60 Filipino soldiers fought a delaying action against a strong American advance.

The defenders suffered near total casualties, but fought long enough for President Aguinaldo and his troops to escape. The battle is now sometimes called the "Philippine Thermopylae.

Monchy-le-Preux , Pas-de-Calais, France. James Forbes-Robertson. After a German counterattack at the village of Monchy-le-Preux , a desperate yet determined defence was mounted by a group of nine soldiers of the British Empire.

This group consisted of one man from the Essex Regiment , and eight others from the Newfoundland Regiment , including Lieutenant Colonel James Forbes-Robertson , the leader of the defenders.

Their goal being to prevent a force of some Germans from advancing through the area and thus capturing Monchy, they held a position opposite the village's German-occupied assembly trench.

The resistance offered by the group delayed the German force's relay of intelligence, concealing the truth of the defenders' inferior numbers.

The nine men were eventually reinforced by a tenth soldier who had previously been knocked unconscious, and later by a group from the Hampshire Regiment.

After hours of ceaseless fighting, the Germans were forced to retreat after sustaining over 40 casualties. Jehan Alain. Jehan Alain was a composer, organist, and motocycle dispatch rider.

On the 20th of June , he was assigned to reconnoitre the German advance on the eastern side of Saumur , and encountered a group of German soldiers at Le Petit-Puy.

Alain was riding his motorcycle around a curve when he heard the approaching tread of the Germans, he dismounted and killed 16 Germans with his carbine before being killed by the approaching force.

Jehan Alain killed in action Posthumously awarded the Croix de Guerre for his bravery. After Soviet soldiers repulsing the German offensive were gunned down or too injured to fight, only Kovshova and Polivanova, snipers, remained in battle, gunning down as many Nazis as possible.

After running out of ammunition and having only four grenades left they waited to be surrounded by German soldiers, and when fully surrounded they pulled the pins on their grenades, killing themselves and surrounding enemy soldiers in order to avoid capture.

Saipan , Mariana Islands. Thomas A. On 7 July , Thomas Baker's position came under attack by a significantly larger Japanese force.

He was wounded in the initial assault, but refused to be evacuated and fought at close-range until his ammunition was expended. Baker insisted he be left behind when his comrades were forced to retreat.

He was propped up against a tree with a pistol and eight bullets. When the position was retaken, he was found dead with the bodies of eight Japanese soldiers around him.

Ben L. Captain Salomon was the Surgeon for the 2nd Battalion, th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division when they were attacked by a massive Japanese force numbering somewhere between 3, and 5, soldiers.

The Japanese bypassed the perimeter and started to attack Salomon's aid station. After killing seven of the attackers, he ordered the wounded back to the regimental aid station.

He exited his aid station and manned a machine gun position to hold off the Japanese and cover the retreat of the wounded men for as long as possible.

The American force retaking his position found him with 98 dead soldiers in front of him. The three Brazilians were on patrol near the Po Valley when they were attacked by German forces, who requested their surrender.

They took cover and returned fire, eventually running out of ammunition. They then mounted a bayonet charge against the German attackers, but were killed in the process.

The Brazilian soldiers are killed They are honored by the Germans. Near Holtzwihr , France. Audie L. Murphy commanded Company B, which was attacked by six tanks and waves of infantry.

Murphy ordered his men to withdraw to a prepared position in a woods, while he remained forward at his command post and continued to give fire directions to the artillery, killing large numbers of the advancing enemy infantry.

He then climbed on a burning tank destroyer and employed its machine gun against the enemy. He was alone and exposed to German fire from three sides, but he killed dozens of Germans and caused their infantry attack to waver.

The enemy tanks, losing infantry support, began to fall back. Taungdaw , Myanmar. Lachhiman Gurung. Gurkha Rifleman Gurung was manning the forward post of his platoon when they were attacked by Japanese soldiers.

He had already returned two thrown grenades when a third detonated in his trench. Despite being alone and his now severe injuries, he defended his position for four hours until he was relieved.

Machairas Monastery Near Lazanias , Cyprus. United Kingdom. On March 3, , after an informant had betrayed his location, the British forces surrounded Afxentiou outside his secret hideout near the Machairas Monastery near Lazanias, Nicosia.

Realising he was outnumbered, Afxentiou ordered his comrades to surrender but stayed behind to fight to the death. Unable to drive him out and after sustaining casualties, the British forces resorted to pouring petrol into his hideout and lighting it, burning him alive.

In fear of a popular uprising, the British buried his scorched body at the Imprisoned Graves , in the yard of the Central Jail of Lefkosia , [77] where he lies today.

The British also never reported on this crime, opting to tell the public newspapers in Britain that Afxentiou was already dead when they scorched his body, in fear of it being seen as a Crime Against Humanity.

The th Independent Guards Airborne Regiment was tasked with securing the road from Gardez to Khost , by maintaining a presence on Hill The 39 paratroopers landed on the hilltop on 7 January , tasked with creating and holding a hilltop strong point from which to observe and control a section of the road beneath.

An attack by Mujahideen began at hrs. The first attack was followed by eleven more attacks until just before dawn on 8 January when the mujahideen retreated after suffering severe casualties, leaving Hill in the hands of the Soviet paratroopers.

First Battle of Mogadishu , Somalia. Their first two requests to be inserted were denied, but they were finally granted permission after their third request.

They inflicted heavy casualties on the approaching Somali mob. When a player wearing armor enchanted with Last Stand takes damage that would kill it, the player is instead left with 1 health at the cost of Experience.

The Experience cost is proportional to the prevented damage and decreases with each level of Last Stand, and the final cost never falls below 1 Experience.

The effect won't happen if the player doesn't have enough experience to negate all of the damage. If multiple worn armor pieces are enchanted with Last Stand, their levels are added together when calculating the Experience cost.

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