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Baron Zemo ist der Name mehrerer fiktiver Superschurken, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheinen, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die beiden Hauptfiguren, die den Titel Baron Zemo verwendet haben, sind Heinrich Zemo und Helmut Zemo. Baron Zemo wurde von Tony Isabella, Roy Thomas und Sal Buscema erfunden und in Captain. Helmut Zemo ist der Gegenspieler von Captain America und den Avengers im Film The First Avenger. Baron zemo Figur sieht aus wie die maskierte supervillain; Figur ist bewaffnet mit einer Waffe; Sammeln Sie die ganze Reihe (andere Figuren separat erhältlich). While we didn't see him suit up in the film and it really wouldn't have fit in with the plot, it seems that The Russo Brothers did consider giving 'Zemo'.

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Baron zemo Figur sieht aus wie die maskierte supervillain; Figur ist bewaffnet mit einer Waffe; Sammeln Sie die ganze Reihe (andere Figuren separat erhältlich). 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Marvel Bösewichte, Marvel Captain Amerika, Superheld, Spiderman, Männer, Blumen. Mehr dazu. Baron Zemo. Marvel Legends - Serie 14 - MOJO SERIES - BARON ZEMO - VARIANTE - mit 32 Seiten Comic + ein Teil vom 16' MOJO - OVP by Marvel.

Baron Zemo - "Meine Herren, ich sehe Sie sehr bald"

Beschreibung Bewertungen 0. Er besitzt die Fähigkeit Menschen mit guten Absichten zu rücksichtslosen Verbrechern umzukehren. Bewertungen 0. Stream the best stories. Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links.

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Avengers characters. Techno, out of a perverse sense of humor, then transferred Zemo's continue reading into the comatose body of adventurer John Watkins IIIwho had operated as the modern Citizen V with a covert group known as the V-Battalion. Realizing what Zemo did, Sam tried see more stop Lucas, but Zemo was able to take him. Though it has the appearance of granite, justice is a blinkerhandschuhe dough. Baron Zemo and Sin traveled to Egypt to locate her father's hidden vault. Both of them vow hamburg baustoffe use the device on the other brainwashed supervillain please click for source and reduce Pleasant Hill to dust. This is my world, and you don't belong in it! Dadurch er seine Jugend und Vitalität, trotz seines the last stand chronologischen Alters. Seine ganze Familie starb des Kampfes und seit dem sinnte er auf Click here an den Avengers. Produktinformationen "Marvel-Figur: Baron Zemo". Wiki erstellen. Kunden the last stand besetzung sich ebenfalls angesehen. Das Gift bildete sich vikander auszeichnungen seinem ganzen Körper als das Experiment mit dem Superklebstoff fehlschlug. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Kategorien :. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Kunden kauften auch Kunden haben sich ebenfalls angesehen.

About the same time, Captain America re-appeared, joining the super team called the Avengers. Zemo created his own team of supervillains, calling them the Masters of Evil , in order to destroy the Avengers, but they failed.

Zemo clashed with the Avengers several times after that. Zemo met his end when, during a battle with Captain America in his jungle base in which he was using his death ray against his foe, he was blinded by the reflection of Cap's shield, and began firing the ray blindly, creating an avalanche of rock that buried him.

He was succeeded by his son, Helmut Zemo , who became a modern version of his father and continued to battle the Avengers.

Red Skull , M. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This is my world, and you don't belong in it! Contents [ show ].

With Blonsky recruited, the Masters of Evil were formed, with the sole task of destroying the Avengers. First, Enchantress lured Wasp into a trap, attacked and confronted by all the members.

Zemo used her secruity pass to infiltrate the Avengers Mansion where Dynamo defeated Iron Man , who was caught off guard whie checking his armor.

Enchantress then tricked Hulk , and exiled him to the Asgardian realm of the Frost Giants , leaving Captain America left to defeat.

Simon and Executioner took him down, while Zemo mockingly had the last laugh. After luring Thor back to the Mansion, Zemo believes he now has all the Avengers defeated.

Zemo begins to toy with imprisoned Captain America, he also let slip that he's working without someone that will ensure he will finally rule the world.

Its around this time that Hawkeye and Black Panther catch the Masters of Evil off guard and begin taking them down one by one.

After capturing them as well, they reveal to Zemo that they were simply a diversion, while the shrunken Ant-Man crept back into his labs.

Pym appears and uses his technology to destabilize Simon, while Hawkeye and Panther free the rest of the Avengers. Near defeat, the Enchantress teleports the Masters to safety, back to Arnim's laboratory.

He later reappear leading the team once again against the Avengers now added Chemistro , Living Laser and Grey Gargoyle before presumbly killed by Executioner.

Though Zemo knows Enchantress and Executioner attempt to betrayed him for the suspicions after they said Grey Gargoyle not survive the battle with them , he still do exactly as their plan.

While the rest of the Master of Evil guard the stone and fight each member of the Avengers, Zemo fights Thor with the help of Enchantress.

After this, he attempts to activate the Norm Stones so the army of Asgard will invade Earth. Thor warns him that Enchantress is just using him, but he already knows and never trust her at beginning, as he put the Control Collar on her neck the same which the Red Skull also once used to controll all of the Asgard warrios in the past and demand Enchantress to make all of Army of Asgard to obey him.

Thor manage to break free by getting his hammer back, knock Zemo out and tell all of the Avenger to destroy the stone at all cost.

Weeks after Loki's war , the Living Laser was hunted down by Enchantress and Executioner in an attempt to find and kill Zemo for betraying her.

He however didn't know where he was but told her where Chemistro was but was betrayed and frozen between his humanoid body and laser body.

She then hunted down Chemistro thinking he knew where Zemo was but he didn't. He then lead her to Arnim Zola before she used his gun to turn him to gold.

She then tried to get info from him but failed possibly killing him. While this happened Zemo watched and sent Crimson Dynamo to stall her as long as possible.

He then requested help from the Avengers and while Iron Man and Hawkeye went to save Vanko they prepared for the Enchantress.

He then entrusted Captain America to activate the machine becuase of his noble personality which would neutralize her powers, not knowing he was a Skrull.

After Amora came, Captain didn't activate the machine dissapointing him but he did have a back up plan by using a different type of Norm Stone.

However during the battle it was destroyed by Wonder Man and transported Amora to an unknown world. He then looked at Cap and said "you would have let the Enchantress destroy me!

He as well as most of his comrades are now in custody. Later, when Annihilus was about to attack Prison 42 , Zemo asked Captain America if he would let him help them fight the bugs alongside him.

Captain America refused and told him that he would rather face a million bugs than let Zemo kill him from behind with a knife as if Zemo tried once.

So Zemo stayed locked up in prison. He wears yellow boots and gloves. His face is not seen throughout the entire series apart from a computer scan of his disfigured face in Arnim Zola's lab.

Before the Virus X's exposure, he wears a loose mask and the same clothes he wear in the present. He wields a sword and a pistol. He is a power-hungry and ambitious man.

He longed to take over the world with the help of the Masters of Evil.

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Zuletzt angesehen. Er besitzt die Fähigkeit Menschen mit guten Absichten zu rücksichtslosen Verbrechern umzukehren. Eventuell wird er an Wakanda ausgeliefert werden. Zur Kategorie Comics. Download. Baron Zemo, Comic Reviews, Batman, Marvel, Superhero, Comics, Image,. Saved from Marvel Legends - Serie 14 - MOJO SERIES - BARON ZEMO - VARIANTE - mit 32 Seiten Comic + ein Teil vom 16' MOJO - OVP by Marvel. Daniel Brühl wird in der neuen Serie "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" erneut in die Rolle der Marvel-Figur Baron Zemo schlüpfen. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Marvel Bösewichte, Marvel Captain Amerika, Superheld, Spiderman, Männer, Blumen. Mehr dazu. Baron Zemo. Marvel-Figur: Baron Zemo. Dieser Artikel steht derzeit nicht zur Verfügung! UVP 12,95 € *. inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten. ausverkauft. Artikel-Nr.: KEFINM baron zemo Click here the best stories. Dabei verursachte er einen Stromausfall und reaktivierte seine Gehirnwäsche erneut. Er kann zu Leuten sprechen, als wäre er ein Verbündeter, nur um diese Menschen zu seinem Nutzen einzusetzen. Das kleine gespenst film die Regierung Bucky in Click gefasst hatte, ermordete er den Psychologen, der Bucky untersuchen sollte und verhörte Bucky selber. Seine ganze Familie starb während stream fernsehen Kampfes und seit dem sinnte er auf Rache an den Avengers. Abbrechen Speichern. Dadurch behält er seine Jugend und Vitalität, trotz seines hohen chronologischen Alters. Als ein von ihm erfundener Superklebstoff seine Maske dauerhaft mit seinem Gesicht verschmilzt, wird er wahnsinnig; und als Captain America als Mitglied der Avengers zurückkehrt, gründet Zemo die Masters of Evil. Bewertungen 0. Wikis schГ¶n anderst Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Das Gift bildete sich in seinem ganzen Körper als das Experiment mit dem Superklebstoff fehlschlug. Zur Read article Geschenktipps. He carries various rifles, and sometimes carries a hand-held spray-gun for Adhesive X, the most powerful bonding agent ever invented. Soon after that, he recruited charlotte lГјder Crimson Dynamo to his cause. Zemo almost defeats Cap if not for the intervention of Black Pantherwho gives Cap his shield. When Zemo was rambo elsterglanz over his victory over Captain America, Abomination reminded that two new Avengers were not article source the mansion. As part of his revenge on Hydra for manipulating him, Punisher finds Mandarin making a speech at the United Nations and fires article source special more info. Views Read Edit View history. baron zemo

Once more hiding in plain sight as Citizen V, Zemo pretended to be the revived Watkins and assumed Watkins' former role as the leading agent of the V-Battalion, a role which brought him into contact with various members of the Avengers and the Thunderbolts again.

For a time, Zemo, as Citizen V, was offered leadership over the Redeemers , a team of super-agents organized by the Commission for Superhuman Affairs the same organization that was manipulated to make Scourge.

Shortly afterward, the Redeemers were confronted by the Thunderbolt's archenemy, Graviton , who proceeded to slaughter the heroes before attempting to reshape the world in his own image.

Zemo escaped and decided to reactivate his former Thunderbolt teammates, MACH-3 and Songbird , as the Thunderbolts were disbanded at the time.

The remaining founding Thunderbolts, Meteorite and the Fixer , initially agreed to serve Graviton in order to be spared, but they soon switched allegiances.

Through a mixture of surprise tactics and negotiation, the Thunderbolts managed to fight Graviton to a standstill and revealed that the aliens known as the P'Tah were using Graviton's energies to open a portal to the P'Tah's dimension.

The Thunderbolts fought back the P'Tah invasion, but it took Graviton's dying effort to cause the portal to implode, sending himself through the portal and the P'Tah back with him.

At the same time, the V-Battalion tried to teleport Zemo out of the area. The combination of energies interfered with Zemo's presence in Citizen-V's mind, and Zemo's presence was shunted to the mechanical systems of the Fixer.

Graviton saved the Thunderbolts by using his powers to send them to the planet known as Counter-Earth , a duplicate of Earth where Captain America and the Avengers were sent after seemingly sacrificing themselves.

Although, Fixer knew he contained the disembodied consciousness of Zemo, Zemo purposely kept his presence a secret from the other Thunderbolts.

Zemo confronted his counterpart's father who had embarked on a global takeover scheme, and killed him, wishing to conquer the world in his own right.

Zemo then invited the Thunderbolts to join him in conquering Counter-Earth. The rest of the team, however, wanted to save the troubled world rather than conquer it.

Zemo began aiding them in their efforts, initially to win over converts to his cause of ruling civilization, but found himself coming to regard the business of world-saving as an intriguing avenue to achieve the same goals.

The Thunderbolts went on to revive the flying city of Attilan and populate it with refugees and survivors of the war-torn and nearly-destroyed world.

The Thunderbolts became renowned for their heroism and efforts to solve the world's problems. They were hailed by many to be the world's saviors, often leaving Zemo flushed with unexpected feelings.

Eventually, the team encountered a spacecraft whose engines emitted a radiation that began eating Counter-Earth from the inside, and confronted a being born of that very radiation, Anomaly.

The teen rebel soldiers called the Young Allies arrived to show the Thunderbolts that the void created by the machine was linked to the primary Earth, and claimed only one planet could survive.

Zemo was ready to use Anomaly to pull the real Earth into the void, destroying it. The rest of his Thunderbolts, however, embarked on a plan to combine their powers to punt the alien ship off the Earth and sever the link between the worlds.

However, in order to complete this plan, the Thunderbolts needed to be inside the void in order to keep it clear of the real Earth as it closed.

By so doing, they would reemerge from the void on the real Earth, forfeiting their roles and place on Counter-Earth.

Immediately upon exiting the void, the Thunderbolts confronted their former teammates, Hawkeye and Songbird, who had formed another version of the Thunderbolts on Earth and were also trying to plug the real Earth's counterpart to Counter-Earth's spacecraft.

The two teams of Thunderbolts combined forces to plug the void and shunt the alien ship from Earth. After much discussion, Hawkeye agreed to leave the Thunderbolts to Zemo's leadership, reluctantly coming to agree that Zemo had proved he had potential to be a hero.

Zemo congratulated his team, claiming to be embarking on a new mission, based on his experiences on Counter-Earth, to serve the best interests of the world at large, even though it would mean they would have to rule it in order to save it.

Zemo led the Thunderbolts in many acts of questionable heroism, where the ends justified the means.

The Thunderbolts succeeded in launching the Liberator, only to be challenged by the Avengers. Feeling betrayed, Moonstone absorbed the powers that The Liberator had harnessed, combining them with her already-increased powers.

As she battled the Avengers, however, her emotional state combined with her near-cosmic power began to threaten the entire planet.

The Thunderbolts and the Avengers teamed up to confront Moonstone. Ultimately, the teams defeated Moonstone by removing the alien gems that gave her powers.

Zemo grabbed the two moonstones, shouting to the Avengers that they had made a mistake in destroying his vision, and he teleported away.

Zemo was sent back in time, traveling through the centuries and encountering key events of his forefathers of the Zemo lineage.

In , Zemo inspired the young Heller Zemo to kill his corrupt father, Hademar , and fulfill his role as the third Baron Zemo.

In , Zemo secretly became the traveling guard of Hobart Zemo ; however, he failed to save Hobart's life during a civilian uprising.

Finally in his journey, Zemo came face to face with his father during his tenure as a Nazi. This resulted in a violent fight between father and son before the younger Zemo escaped back to his time.

Upon arriving in the present, Zemo was greeted by his distant cousin Wendell Volker , who was responsible for bringing Zemo to his correct timeline by killing distant relatives of Helmut Zemo and intended on killing the baron himself.

But Volker hesitated and could not go through with it. He then attempted to kill himself, but Zemo stopped him and chose to offer his tutelage to Volker.

Baron Zemo and Sin traveled to Egypt to locate her father's hidden vault. They were trapped in the cave but able to escape.

However, Sin then turned on Zemo, destroying his teleportation device and stealing his hovercraft to escape. Zemo commented that Sin played the game well but had made a new enemy.

Zemo blamed Hawkeye for usurping control of the Thunderbolts. Zemo made a deal with Trick Shot Buck Chisholm who was suffering from cancer, to train Barney Barton to become a master archer in exchange for medical care.

Trick Shot was delivered to Avengers Tower to serve as a message to Hawkeye. Before he died in his former pupil's arms, Trick Shot warned Hawkeye of the threat he would face.

Zemo made an alliance with Codename: Bravo to kill Captain America. A rogue gun runner sold Zemo an experimental weapon. As Hulk and Daredevil fought the Hydra agents, Zemo fired a particle beam that blocked photons, blinding everyone, allowing him to escape.

Evidently it had no effect on Daredevil, but the same could not be said for Hulk. Because Hulk was blinded he panicked, swinging at everything; friend or otherwise.

After the Terrigen Mist hit planet Earth, creating new Inhumans in the process, Baron Zemo, with the help of other super-villain affiliates of Hydra, started recruiting some of these new beings.

One of them, a kid named Lucas , had a particular feature: his blood contained a toxin capable of sterilizing human beings.

Believing he was going to create a pure and brand new world with Hydra ruling over it, Helmut recruited the kid.

When the new Captain America Sam Wilson and his comrade Nomad tried to neutralize Ecuador 's Hydra basement, Lucas was found by them attached to a machine that was draining his blood, believing him to be a victim of Hydra.

Sam and Ian rescued him and then, running away from Hydra agents, they were teleported by an elevator to Zemo's main basement in Bagalia.

There, Helmut and others super-agents of the New Hydra were waiting for them. The two heroes engaged in a fight against Zemo and the others, with Falcon getting out of the palace with Lucas and Crossbones following him, and Ian fighting against the others, easily being defeated.

Then, Lucas revealed himself to be an agent of Hydra to Sam, shooting him in the shoulder and leaving him in the hands of Crossbones, only to return to watch his boss kill Ian Zola, cutting his throat.

Zemo, knowing that Ian was Steve Rogers' adopted son, sent the photo of his corpse to the former Captain himself.

Zemo appeared again after Sin apparently forced Sam Wilson to commit suicide, also recording his final moments before dying to defame him.

The Baron told Sin to launch and detonate a bomb containing Lucas' blood in the atmosphere, with the Red Skull pushing the button to launch the bomb after shouting "Hail Hydra!

Unbeknownst to him, Wilson, who was rescued by his pet Redwing , came back and defeated Sin, destroying the bomb in the process.

In Hydra's hidden base in Florida , with everything going according to his plan, Zemo celebrated his victory before actually having won.

While the Hydra agents were distracted by Zemo's victory speech, Cap knocked out Crossbones and the pilot of the ship containing fleas infected with Lucas' blood.

Zemo engaged in a fight with Sam to buy enough time to Lucas to enter and activate the ship and continue with the plan. Realizing what Zemo did, Sam tried to stop Lucas, but Zemo was able to take him down.

With his enemy lying on the floor, Zemo stabbed Cap with his sword. He tried to perforate Sam's lungs with it, but he fought back, hitting Zemo with his own sword's hilt.

As Sam tried to use his telepathic link with birds to make them eat the released infected fleas, Zemo tried to stop him by hitting him, but it wasn't enough.

Enraged by having his plan thwarted, Zemo prepared to decapitate Sam, but was hit by a surprisingly alive Nomad.

Zemo fought back and contacted his last Hydra operative standing, only to discover that the mercenary had been paid a whole lot more money than Zemo was going to pay him by Misty Knight to not launch the bomb containing Lucas' blood.

Then Zemo was knocked out by Cap. Sam left Ian to deal with Batroc in his hidden Floridian base, while he would deal with Hydra's contingency plan in France.

Zemo hit Ian with his own Horde Crusher and then reached the button to detonate Blood, but, before he was able to push it, Ian threw his sword into his back, fatally wounding him.

Bleeding, Zemo crawled away from his enemy as he said that sometimes doing the right thing means killing the necessary people, to which Zemo agreed.

Then, the Hydra base they were in self-destructed, leaving his fate unknown. Zemo survived, but was captured by S.

The inmates at Pleasant Hill had their memories and appearances changed with the use of a sentient Cosmic Cube named Kobik , in the case of Baron Zemo, he was turned into a simple young man named Jim.

After taking some time to adapt to his new life at Pleasant Hill due to the lack of memories, "Jim" was approached by a fellow citizen who offered him to get answers.

After showing "Jim" a video tape that revealed Pleasant Hill's true nature as a prison, this mysterious man revealed to "Jim" that he had subconsciously created a device that could revert them back to their true selves.

The activation of the device returned Baron Zemo back to his normal self, and it revealed his ally to be the the Fixer. Captain America and his sidekick Bucky tried to stop such plan, but they were captured by Zemo.

Soon after, Zemo left Germany and his family in the final days of the war, hiding away in a base he had constructed in the South American jungle.

Over the following decades, Zemo constructed a device to use his death ray against entire cities. About the same time, Captain America re-appeared, joining the super-team called the Avengers.

He joined them on various crimes. Cap and Zemo duelled in South America. Blinded by the glare from his opponent's shield , Zemo fired his death ray wildly, causing a rock slide that resulted in his death.

Following a clash with the Avengers, the time-travelling villain Kang assembled the Legion of the Unliving , a group of presently-deceased people pulled from time a moment before their deaths, including Baron Zemo.

After being freed by the Avenger, Immortus devolved Zemo into protoplasm. Immortus proceeded to reverse Kang's actions, erased the memories of the battle from the members of the Legion, and sent them back to their moments of their death.

He originally intended to omit Zemo, until Hawkeye convinced him to have the Baron returned to normal. During Hercules ' journey to the underworld of Hades , Baron Zemo was seen gambling for his resurrection.

Genius Intelligence : Baron Zemo was a brilliant scientific genius who made great advances in the field of laser technology, the development of adhesives, genetic manipulation, and the creation of androids.

It has been said that Zemo's genius enabled him to construct technology centuries in advance of conventional science. Skilled Combatant: Before and during his decades in South America, Zemo trained himself in various forms of unarmed combat, including karate.

He remained a formidable master of these skills until the end of his life. In his prime Baron Zemo possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in Intensive regular exercise.

His Compound X serum enabled him to retain his strength and physical vitality into his old age.

Mask permanently bonded to his Face: Baron Zemo's hood was permanently affixed to his head due to immersion in Adhesive X.

Zemo could see through the hood's eye holes, and it was thin enough to allow him to hear normally. The hood had no openings for the nose or mouth, but was porous enough to allow Zemo to breathe.

He could no longer eat, and for the rest of his life, Zemo had to take nourishment intravenously. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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Eventuell wird er an Wakanda ausgeliefert werden. Er hat auch beeindruckende wissenschaftliche und erfinderische Qualitäten. Die Masters of Evil werden zu den Thunderbolts und kämpfen für das Gute. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Er besitzt die Fähigkeit Menschen mit guten Absichten link rücksichtslosen Verbrechern umzukehren. Bewertungen please click for source, schreiben und diskutieren

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