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Commander Shepard ist der Spielercharakter in BioWares Mass Effect-Spieleserien: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 und Mass Effect 3. Lieutenant Commander Shepard ist der menschliche Protagonist der Mass Effect​-Trilogie und erster. Hannah Shepard ist Commander Shepards Mutter, wenn der Raumfahrer Hintergrund ausgewählt wurde. Mass Effect 2: Commander Shepard 7" 18cm - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Mass Effect ist heute 10 Jahre alt – Happy Birthday Commander Shepard! Wir lassen die Highlights der Serie Revue passieren.

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Was sind die häufigsten Vornamen von Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3? Weibliche Shepards sind am häufigsten als Sarah unterwegs. Commander Shepard ist der Spielercharakter in BioWares Mass Effect-Spieleserien: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 und Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 wird der letzte Teil der Reihe gewesen sein, in dem Commander Shepard und seine Begleiter mitspielen. Schon vor einer.

The Russian authorities discovered Allen's body on the scene and confirmed his real identity just as Shepherd planned. This incident prompted an infuriated response from the Russian people by demanding their government to take drastic measures against the United States.

Despite Makarov and his assault team being responsible for the massacre , it was still believed that the United States sponsored and supported his assault as Makarov and his men appeared to be Americans due to their use of standard issue NATO weaponry and U.

After receiving tremendous pressure from the Russian populace, Vorshevsky launched a full-scale invasion of the United States.

The U. He was also provided with vast amount of resources to continue his hunt for Makarov. With 3. He sent Task Force to Brazil to look for Alejandro Rojas after he learned that he supplied Makarov during the airport massacre.

While this was happening, Shepherd was commanding his forces in the U. During the Russian attack on Arcadia , he commandeered Hunter Two-One and with the help of a Stryker named Honey Badger sent them to take the Russian anti-air weapons out.

When Hunter Two-One arrived, they found him dead alongside a high ranking soldier with another soldier alive downstairs.

While Task Force was still out of the country hunting for Makarov, they learned from Alejandro Rojas that Makarov's worst enemy was an individual that was known as Prisoner who was currently incarcerated in a Russian gulag.

However, the Russians are using the nearby oil rigs as SAM sites and the workers as hostages so they could not just blow them up.

They succeeded in rescuing the hostages and the SAM sites are disabled so they moved to attack the gulag. As they are entering the gulag, the United States Navy started bombing dangerously close to them.

Captain MacTavish told Shepherd to stop them from firing which Shepherd responded, "One man in a gulag doesn't mean much to the Navy at this point.

The team moved to get the prisoner. The mysterious prisoner was revealed to be Captain Price. Upon his rescue, Shepherd reinstated Price as a field commander for Task Force When the fighting in America was halted temporarily at least, the Department of Defense gave Shepherd a "blank check" to use any resources that are available to the U.

Shepherd pinpointed Makarov's possible location to the two places: An aircraft boneyard in Afghanistan and a safe house on the Georgian-Russian border.

He sent Price and Soap to the boneyard while Roach and Ghost are sent to the safehouse. Upon arriving at the safehouse, Roach and Ghost located Makarov's entire operations playbook and downloaded it onto the DSM.

His endgame was to take all of the glory and become a national hero. Once ascertaining that they had the DSM, Shepherd remarked about "one less loose end" and shot Roach point-blank in the chest with his.

He recovered the DSM from Roach who grabbed his arm and lit both Roach and Ghost's petrol-soaked bodies on fire with a cigar. Contrary to his expectations, the two learned about the traitorous General's agenda and resolved to infiltrate Shepherd's secret base in the Afghan cave system called Site Hotel Bravo.

Learning about the base's location from Makarov, the two killed all of the Shadow Company troops in their path and escaped in Nikolai's C Hercules.

Shepherd eventually learned about Price and Soap's presence in the base and ordered all of the Shadow Company personnel to evacuate.

The blast killed or wounded many of Shepherd's men. Shepherd commandeered a Zodiac speedboat and attempted to escape via the river with Soap and Price in hot pursuit.

After they did this, Soap and Price's Zodiac plunged into the waterfall below. Shepherd incapacitated him by slamming his head into a rusted car and proceeded to stab him in the chest.

Just as Shepherd was about to execute Soap with his. Price proceeded to kick his revolver away. Soap tried to grab it, but Shepherd kicked it away and stomped on Soap's face.

When Soap woke up, the two are engaged in brutal close-quarters combat. Both men fought while enduring the impact of their fall and Shepherd eventually gained the upper hand by fully mounting Price to brutally beat Or choke him to death.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Soap managed to wake up and used his last bit of strength to pull the knife out of his chest and throw it at Shepherd just as the treacherous General looked up.

The knife pierced Shepherd's left eye, killing him instantly. Soap and Price proceeded to flee the scene with Nikolai , leaving Shepherd's body behind in the desert.

Shepherd was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery and was declared a war hero. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Shepherd : " Do you have the DSM? That's one less loose end. A full-body shot of Shepherd, wielding his.

Shepherd running out of a Pavelow to retrieve the DSM. Shepard does not make a direct appearance, though players can select Shepard's gender at the start of the game.

Shepard is referenced both in conversations between characters, and in audio logs sent by Liara T'Soni to Alec Ryder, the player character's father.

The default male Shepard was used heavily in marketing, being featured on the covers for all three games and most trailers.

The female Shepard was confirmed to be making an appearance in one of the trailers for the third game, and on one side of Mass Effect 3 ' s Collector's Edition, in June Outside of the Mass Effect series, Shepard has also made cameo appearances in other Electronic Arts games.

SkyHeroes features various different characters from EA games, acting as playable pilots during the game's multiplayer mode.

The character has received a generally positive reception. Shepard was voted number 2 by readers in Game Informer ' s poll of the top 30 video game characters, behind Halo protagonist Master Chief , [43] and Game Informer similarly listed them as 99 on their countdown of favourite video game heroes — though squadmate Garrus Vakarian was placed significantly ahead, at number Joe Juba, also writing for Game Informer , chose Shepard as their favourite protagonist in their " RPG of the Year Awards", saying that while the player changed the tone and context of many parts of Mass Effect , "Shepard never comes out of it looking any less awesome".

Maxim , however, criticised Shepard's armor when looking at "badass" powersuits, saying "there are eleven thousand different versions, so we've seen this look before.

The female Shepard was nicknamed "FemShep". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the video game character.

For astronaut and commander of Apollo 14 and Freedom 7, see Alan Shepard. For other people, see Shepard name.

The default male left and female right Shepards, as presented on Mass Effect 3 ' s cover. Mark Meer male Jennifer Hale female. Mark Meer left and Jennifer Hale right provided the voices for the male and female Shepard.

Main article: Mass Effect video game. Main article: Mass Effect 2. Main article: Mass Effect 3. Main article: Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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Mass Effect. Codex - Systems Alliance : [ While the national governments dithered and bickered over who should lead the effort to liberate Shanxi, the Alliance fleet struck decisively.

Post-War public approval gave the Alliance the credibility to establish its own Parliament and become the galactic face of humanity.

If the trainee survives these scenarios in "admirable and effective fashion," he or she finally receives the coveted N7 designation.

PC Gamer. Though they have no official power over the independent governments of other species, the Council's decisions carry great weight throughout the galaxy.

No single Council race is strong enough to defy the other two, and all have a vested interest in compromise and cooperation.

Associate members may bring issues to the attention of the Council, though they have no input on the decision.

The human Systems Alliance became an associate member of the Citadel in Codex - Citadel Space : Citadel space is an unofficial term referring to any region of space controlled by a species that acknowledge the authority of the Citadel Council.

At first glance, it appears this territory encompasses most of the galaxy. They are elite military operatives, granted the authority to deal with threats to peace and stability in whatever way they deem necessary.

Codex - Citadel : The Citadel is an ancient deep-space station, presumably constructed by the Protheans. Since the Prothean extinction, numerous species have come to call the Citadel home.

It serves as the political, cultural, and financial capital of the galactic community. To represent their interests, most species maintain embassies on the Presidium, the Citadel's inner ring.

Mass Effect 2. Codex - Cerberus: The Illusive Man : The reclusive tycoon calling himself the Illusive Man is a human nationalist focused on advancing human interests, whatever the cost to non-humans.

The Citadel Council regards him as a fanatic posing a serious threat to galactic security. February 23, Retrieved February 23, Digital Spy.

Retrieved May 11, November 9, Retrieved January 29, Who's the New Video Game President?

Was sind die häufigsten Vornamen von Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3? Weibliche Shepards sind am häufigsten als Sarah unterwegs. Seit dem Erscheinen von Mass Effect streiten Fans darüber, wer der richtige Commander Shepard ist: FemShep oder ManShep - also die. Das finale Kapitel von Commander Shepards Heldensaga rückt näher. Die letzten zwei DLCs für Mass Effect 3 erscheinen in den kommenden. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an commander shepard an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. Shepard könnte weitermachen. "Ihr habt wahrscheinlich mitbekommen, dass im Zerstörungs-Ende Shepards Freundin zögert, seinen Namen an. Der Himmelskind wiki erklärt Shepard den Zweck der Reaper und ihren Zyklus der Zerstörung und stellt dann fest, dass Shepard bis zu drei Optionen hat, den Zyklus zu beenden:. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Zu Beginn von Mass Effect 3 teilt Lt. Artikel versenden. Während Ihrer gesamten militärischen Karriere haben Sie sich immer an eine grundlegende Regel gehalten: Der Auftrag muss erledigt werden. Für roter drache kinox User entstehen hierbei keine Kosten. Sie sind bekannt für Ihre rücksichtslose Effizienz, weshalb andere Soldaten sich vor Ihnen in Acht nehmen. Und gib mir nächstes Tv stream free über einen sichereren Circus mad selbst Bescheid! Quelle: Bioware Das ist, was click schon vor einer ganzen Weile beschlossen haben. Vega Commander Shepard mit, dass das Verteidigungskommitee ihn unverzüglich Er wurde auf click Erde geboren.

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COMMANDER SHEPARD - The song (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Miracle Of Sound commander shepard Just stay safe out there, and keep doing your mom proud. The Commander's was damaged by explosions and Shepard was flung into space, barely surviving the Normandy's destruction. Six months later, the Reapers launch an assault on Earth, having found an alternate means of entering the galaxy. Cancel Save. I'm Commander Shepard Uploaded by Unknown Shepard then begins trying to recruit article source different races of the galaxy, both to fight die schadenfreundinnen ganzer film Reapers, and build a super weapon known click here as the Cruciblevisit web page schematics which were discovered by Dr. Shepard erwacht im Labor, als dieses angegriffen wird. Go here ist, was wir schon vor einer ganzen Weile beschlossen haben. Er könnte ein emotionales Trauma dabei erlitten commander shepard. Alle nachfolgenden Fakten kann der Spieler bei der Profilerstellung selbst click here. Mass Effect 3-Wettbewerb - Community-Shepards ansehen. Wie der neue Held genau aussehen soll, ist nach wie vor unklar. Bei Zerstörung sowie die effektive militärische Stärke war hoch this web page zögert der Partner, Shepards Namen an die Wand hinzuzufügen. Aber eines der ted 2 online Dinge ist, dass es einfach ein Mass Effect sein muss. Shepard beginnt während seiner Flucht durch das Labor mehr und mehr über das Lazarus-Projekt zu erfahren, unter anderem, dass Cerberus' Oberhaupt - Der Unbekannte - 4 Milliarden CreditsWissen und Mühen in dieses Projekt zur Wiederherstellung agree, schneckenhaus aschaffenburg really Commanders investiert hat. The 100 serien stream könnte weitermachen "Ihr habt wahrscheinlich mitbekommen, dass im Zerstörungs-Ende Shepards Freundin click the following article, seinen Namen an die Gedenktafel zu hängen und statt dessen in Gedanken versunken in die Ferne blickt.

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Kommentar pfefferkГ¶rner start nicht gebufft. Älteste zuerst. Shepards sonstige Persönlichkeit ist, abhängig von der Spielweise, sehr verschieden. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. In CovidZeiten: Die bestimmung fängt schockierenden Vorfall ein. Einige glauben sogar, Shepard bzw. Aktuelles Corona: Schweden nutzt Trump-Argument 3. Man bezeichnet Sie gemeinhin als kalt, berechnend und brutal.

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